Printed versions of Ten Lessons of Arabic and Tasheel al-Nahw

Assalam ‘alaykum

Those interested in purchasing the latest versions of Ten Lessons of Arabic and Tasheel al-Nahw in print can do so from Azhar Academy (UK). The links are as follows:


Tasheel al-Nahw version 2.2

Assalam ‘alaykum

I am uploading version 2.2 of Tasheel al-Nahw. There were a few minor issues in the previous version which I have fixed in this one. The only major change is that instead of using “noun” & “ism” and “verb” & “fi’l” interchangeably throughout the book, “noun” and “verb” are used only in the beginning of the book, and throughout the remainder “ism” and “fi’l” are used instead. The file is given below. The same file is also available on my webpage (

Tasheel al-Nahw ver 2.2