This website is dedicated to providing resources for students of sacred Islamic knowledge. For now, it is limited to my few works. I hope to make it comprehensive when I finally get some time, in sha’ Allah.

About Me

My name is Aamir Bashir.  I am a PhD student in Islamic Thought (NELC) at the University of Chicago. During the course of my rather long and unusual academic career, I received two degrees in engineering (BE & MS, the first from Pakistan and the second from Georgia Tech), a seminary degree (shahadat al-‘alimiyya from Jami‘a Ashrafia, Lahore) and two MA’s in Islamic Studies (International Islamic University Malaysia and Washington University in St. Louis). In between these studies, I also served as a lecturer of Arabic & Islamic Studies at an Islamic seminary in Buffalo, NY (Darul Uloom al-Madania). My research interests include Islamic law & legal theory (the Hanafi School, maslaha & maqasid al-shari‘a, Islamic economics and banking & finance), Muslim responses to modernity, Islamic spirituality and Islamic education. While teaching at the Buffalo seminary, I also translated into English the Kitab al-buyu‘ of Ibn ‘Abidin’s (d. 1836) Radd al-muhtar ‘ala al-Durr al-Mukhtar [Returning the Perplexed to The Chosen Pearl], and prepared new editions of two primers of Arabic grammar, namely Ten Lessons of Arabic and Tasheel al-Nahw.

Here is my CV.


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