Deobandi Tasawwuf


I am posting my thesis that I wrote for an MA at ISTAC (International Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilization), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). It is titled “Shari’at & Tariqat: A Study of the Deobandi Understanding and Practice of Tasawwuf” and was completed in December 2010 Initially, I had thought I would revise it and have it examined by Deobandi Sufi scholars, and then get it published somewhere but it seems I won’t be getting the chance to work on it anytime soon. Therefore, I have decided to post it as is.

Needless to say, the ideas expressed in this thesis are mine. Others are not to be held responsible for it. Moreover, like all human efforts, there are bound to be some mistakes in it. I look forward to any feedback from all readers, especially Deobandi Sufi ‘ulama, since their ideas and practices are the subject of this study.

If anyone benefits from it, please remember me in your du’as for I am definitely in need of them.

Here it is: Shariat and Tariqat A Study of the Deobandi Understanding and Practice of Tasawwuf.