Tasheel al-Nahw ver 2.1 – Several updates to the 2nd Online edition

Assalam ‘alaykum,

Mawlana Omar Salejee of Madrasah In’amiyyah, Camperdown, South Africa has pointed out a number of issues in Tasheel al-Nahw‘s 2nd online edition. May Allah reward him abundantly for his efforts. I have fixed these and updated the file. I am calling the new file “ver 2.1” because of the number of changes. I am also deleting the previous file from the website. From now on, only ver 2.1 will be available at this website.

Tasheel alNahw ver 2.1 updated

For those who have already printed out their copies of Tasheel al-Nahw, I am listing these issues below so that you can fix them manually.

  1. Page 11, 10th line from the top. The correct translation is: Twelve men came. (not ‘eleven’).
  2. Page 11, the last example on the page. The word الأمين should have a hamzah qat’iyyah after the alif-laam.
  3. Page 46, number 2.ii. The singular feminine (تَعَالَيْ) gets a fathah on the laam, not a kasrah
  4. Page 63, note number 1. The correct pronunciation of the word is سَمَاعِي (with a fathah on the س, not a kasrah).
  5. Page 65, 7th last line. The correct pronunciation of the word is سَمَاعِي (with a fathah on the س, not a kasrah).
  6. Page 69. The correct definition of jam’ kathrah is: It is a plural, which denotes a number from 3 to unlimited. (not ‘ten upwards’).
  7. Page 70, table 3.4, last line. The word أكبر cannot be given a tanween since it is ghayr munsarif. It should be replaced with a dammah.
  8. Page 75, Example 4 of naa’ib faa’il. The correct spelling is رُئِيَتِ الشَّمْسُ and رُئِيَ الشَّمْسُ.
  9. Page 92, 6th last line. The correct translation of the example will be: The people came except a donkey. (not ‘the donkey’)
  10. Page 105, under the explanation of ‘faa’. The words ‘slight delay’ should be removed from the definition of faa. The new definition will be “It shows sequence.”
  11. Page 108, regarding the terminology used in the sentence analysis of both the examples. The taabi’ in this case can also be called ‘bayaan‘ and the matboo’ can be called ‘mubayyan’. These labels have been added.
  12. Page 109, the word ابتداء appears in three places on this page. They have all been written incorrectly with hamzah qat’iyyah. The hamzah qat’iyyah needs to be removed, since this hamzah is wasliyyah not qat’iyyah.
  13. Page 118, table 4.4. The spelling of the first word in the first example is not correct. It should be أَرَيْتُ, instead of أَرَأَيْتُ.
  14. Page 132, number 2, the first example and number 3, the first 4 examples. An alif-laam needs to be added to the dual and plural forms of Zayd to keep them ma’rifah.
  15. Page 132, number 3, first example on the right hand side. The alif at the end of the word أعلموا needs to be removed.
  16. Page 140, second line of number 11. The hamzah qat’iyyah needs to be removed from the word ابتداء since it is a hamzah wasliyyah