Tasheel al-Nahw Correction

Assalam alaykum,

Thanks to an observant scholar (Mawlana Abdullah Patel), the following mistake has been found in Tasheel al-Nahw (2nd online edition). All those using the text, please correct it.

On page 24, it says,

5.   إِنَّ by itself conveys emphasis.  Sometimes, لَامُ التَّأْكِيْدِ can be added before the خَبَرٌ to convey even more emphasis. In this case, the خَبَرٌ must be جُمْلَةٌ فِعْلِيَّةٌ.

The last sentence (In this case, the خَبَرٌ must be جُمْلَةٌ فِعْلِيَّةٌ.) is unnecessary and should be deleted. Instead, we can add another example of khabar being jumlah ismiyyah which Malwana Abdullah pointed out, i.e.

إِنَّكَ لَرَسُوْلُ اللهِ      Indeed, you are the messenger of Allah.

I have already made the necessary changes in the file given at the link in the previous post. Those who downloaded the file before today, please make note of this correction.

Finally, to all the scholars using this text: Please do let me know if you find any mistake in the text, so that the necessary correction can be made.

May Allah reward Mawlana Abdullah abundantly for pointing out the error.


Wassalam ma’a al-ikram


Imam ‘Izz al-Din’s Qawa’id al-Ahkam and ‘Allamah ibn ‘Abidin’s Radd al-Muhtar


I recently completed the English translation of Kitab al-Buyu’ [Book of Sales] of ‘Allamah Ibn ‘Abidin’s famous Radd al-Muhtar ‘ala al-Durr al-Mukhtar [Returning the Perplexed to the Chosen Pearl], also known as Fatawa Shamiyyah. It has been published in Malaysia by Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia (IBFIM). It is titled Book of Sales.

Previously, IBFIM had published my translation of Imam ‘Izz al-Din ibn ‘Abd al-Salam’s Qawa’id al-Ahkam fi Islah al-Anam [Maxims of Rulings for the Reformation of People], also known as al-Qawa’id al-Kubra [The Great Collection of Legal Maxims] in 2010. It was published as Rules of the Derivation of Laws for Reforming the People.


Ten Lessons 2nd Online Edition

Assalam ‘alaykum, everyone!

Alhamdulillah, the second online edition of Ten Lessons of Arabic is ready.  I am sorry for the long delay. Here is the file Ten Lessons 2nd online ed

Please, be sure to read the foreword, and do let me know if there are any mistakes or other issues that need to be dealt with.  The email, as given in the foreword, is ainbay97@yahoo.com.

Printing Instructions: This book is designed for 7″ by 10″ page size. It was designed that way so that it wouldn’t be too big to carry. If you want it in larger print i.e. regular letter page size (8.5″ x 11″) or A4, then while printing, choose “fit to page” option from the print menu. The computer will automatically stretch the document pages so that they can fit the paper you have chosen.